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AC Maintenance

The next department we are going to visit is our AC maintenance department. These are the guys and girls that will make sure that your AC unit or system is always running as it should. They are trained and equipped to handle any maintenance issues or requirements you may have, and we promise that with them on the job your AC will be purring like a kitten for many years to come. Now take a few moments to have a look at what we have to offer, and once you are done you are welcome to give us a call.

It is Important

We know that you are fully aware of the vital role your AC plays when it comes to making sure that you are kept as comfortable as possible be it at home or the office. Now ensuring that you keep up with the maintenance schedule of your unit is crucial if you want to make sure that it is not just producing the hot and cold air you need, but also able to distribute it evenly across the space. It will also vastly reduce the risk of something going wrong with your AC when you need it most.


Ladies and gentlemen if you take no other lesson from today other than what we are about to tell you then we have done our job. When it comes to your AC units and systems, please do not try and perform maintenance tasks on them yourself. This is absolute madness and we do not care how experienced you think you are, unless you work on these complex machines daily, you are going to mess something up. Rather than allowing this to happen, why don't you just give our experts a call to handle all your maintenance needs?

Energy Saving

If you are not yet convinced as to why performing proper, timely maintenance on your AC unit or system is an absolute non-negotiable, then maybe you will change your mind once we start talking about the impact it can have on your pocket. Recent studies have shown that a poorly maintained AC system can increase one's utility bills by between 15% and 30%. This means that you are essentially paying more for the same results, and your unit has to work harder to deliver. All in all, it just makes good financial sense to maintain your unit.

What We Maintain

If it forms a direct part of your AC unit or system you can bet your bottom dollar we have you covered. From coils to condenser pans. From coil fins to filters, motors, ductwork, and everything in between. It also does not matter to us what type of air conditioner you might have because our highly trained professionals can provide you with the maintenance routine you have been searching for. All we need you to do is give us a call and our friendly staff will happily take care of all your needs.

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