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Furnace Install

Having taken you through the AC section of our business, the time has come to introduce you to our furnace department. Once again we can offer you the widest range of high-quality, consistent solutions on the market, and we assure you that by the time you are done here today, not only will you have picked up a thing or two, but you will also have found precisely what you need and so much more. So let us begin by having a look at our furnace installation solution. Give us a shout if you are unclear on anything.

How Long

We were having an interesting discussion at one of our focus groups a couple of weeks ago, and it centered around the misconception people had when it came to furnaces, and how long they took to install. One competitor told us a client had heard it took between 2 and 3 weeks. This might be true if you lived on Mars, but here at Active HVAC, we can install a furnace, depending on the size of the project of course, in 4 to 8 hours. This means by the time you get home from work you could be enjoying your new furnace.

Will It Last

On many of our installation jobs, we get asked by our clients how long we think their furnace will last. Now obviously there are several factors one needs to take into account. For example, one most certainly needs to take into account the daily usage, maintenance being carried out, and the quality of the materials used to construct the furnace. In our experience though, when all these factors line up, one could easily expect their furnace to last between 15 and 20 years without breaking a sweat. Any other questions you might have just known you can call us anytime.


One of the biggest mistakes we find clients making is the fact that they very often forget to include both the actual furnace costs and the costs of installing the unit into consideration. Now as we are sure you are well aware, a new furnace will cost anywhere between $1500 and $6000 depending on size, build quality, and design. Once you factor in the installation costs, you can see it becomes a costly experience, but one that is well worth it when you think of the massive monthly savings you will be making for the rest of your life.

Any Furnace

Once again we would just like to take a few moments to put your mind at ease by telling you that no matter what type or size furnace you are trying to install, our experts here at Active HVAC have what it takes to get the job done and then some. They will even help you get rid of the old furnace first should that be the case. At this point, we would like to invite you to give us a call so that we can further explain to you why our furnace solution is considered the best of the best by a fair distance.

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