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Furnace Maintenance

We are sure that by now you have a pretty good idea of how seriously we take maintenance. There is simply nothing that can replace it, and at the end of the day, there is absolutely no way you can take any shortcuts around it. As with your AC units, one must do everything one can to ensure that their furnace and all its associated systems are running and operating as they should. You are most certainly going to need a hand getting things done, and we would be more than happy to lend you our expertise.


Our furnace maintenance solution is comprised of a pretty long checklist, so if we are going to get through everything we better get started right away. Firstly we will check the condition of your furnaces heat exchanger, filters, flame sensors, and the blower motor overall condition. It also includes having a look at the carbon monoxide levels being emitted. We will also make sure there is adequate flue venting, and last but by no means least, we will make sure that all the gas lines and connections are in perfect condition and working as they should.


Not only does regular maintenance offer benefits to the actual unit being maintained, but it goes much further than that. Now the chances are high that your furnaces guarantee will lapse if you do not keep up with the maintenance needs. Doing so on the other hand means you might not have to pay for some expensive repairs. Regular maintenance also has the effect of reducing the stress on your furnace. This ultimately means that it can run more efficiently without having to work as hard. Keep reading to find out more about the amazing benefits our maintenance solutions can add to your furnace.

Even More

Carrying on from where we left off, making sure you keep up with your furnaces maintenance needs also has the added advantage of ensuring that you extend the unit's overall life expectancy. We have seen some units which should have only lasted 20 years reach year 30 because they were always well maintained. Probably one of the most important benefits regular maintenance has to offer is the fact that it allows one to catch problems before they are allowed to manifest into serious issues. It just makes sense to maintain your furnace, and we would be more than happy to help you do that.

How Often

Now if you are using your furnace more often than most due to the climate you live in, then we would suggest you get your unit and system looked at every 6 months, so twice a year. If you are someone you only use now and then, we are going to suggest that you have your unit and system looked at once a year. Now obviously there are extreme cases, and if you are still unsure and would like us to pop around and do a quick inspection, all you have to do is give us a call and make your booking today.

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