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Furnace Repair

Having taken a holistic approach to all our services and solutions, you can guarantee that we have applied the same mindset to our furnace repair solutions. Once again you need to be aware, and we are sure that you are, but your furnace has many parts which need to work together so that it delivers what you want. If just one of these breaks, the entire machine comes grinding to a halt. Now let us see what our furnace repair solution has to offer, and most importantly, let us see if you can find what you need.

Dodgy Looking Pilot Light

If you didn't know, your furnaces pilot light is crucial to your entire system functioning as it was designed to. It should be inspected regularly, and if you notice any flickering, or an odd, yellowish color, then you could be dealing with a gas solution or system which contains too much carbon monoxide. Any change in the behavior or color of your furnace's flame should be promptly followed by a phone to one of our experts so that we can attend to the problem right away. Don't delay, get it sorted today.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

If this happens, we are not going to lie to you, it is going to be a costly repair, and in many cases, it may even have to be completely replaced. Your heat exchanger essentially separates your warming flame from the air surrounding it. This keeps it running safely. Now the two biggest reasons for your heat exchanger cracking are unchanged air filters and overheating. Should it go out, the option you have is to give us a call so that we can diagnose just how bad the damage is and what needs to be done to rectify it.

Limit Switch And Over-Cycling

Has your furnace been going bump in the night when it clearly should not be? Is it switching itself back on, especially after completing a cycle? This is called over-cycling There are a couple of things which can cause them, chief of them being clogged air filters which ultimately result in restricted airflow. Or maybe you have noticed your furnace keeps blowing even when it should not. This could be an indication of a limit switch problem. Luckily once again we can help you with both of these and all you need to do is call and ask.

The Rest

Having given you just a taste of some of the repairs you should expect when using our world-class services and solutions, we now quickly want to touch on a few more. Remember, should you require specific information on them, you are welcome to call and ask. Now our repair solutions also include fixing frayed and malfunctioning blower belts. Replacing worn-out ball bearings. General tune-ups and so much more. We promise that with us on your side your furnace will always be running at its optimal best, no matter what it takes.

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